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Modern building architectureYes, it’s Hump day. A good day to have a live chat with my hosting service or to read further into WordPress for Dummies guide? Both of which mentioned things that are easy. Easy? Is it possible that word is way over used? The more I study and read into Web Design the more options I learn about and thus the more complicated it all becomes. But easy? not even close to the adjective I would choose. Nor are any of the synonyms: uncomplicated, undemanding, unchallenging, effortless, painless, trouble-free, facile, simple, straightforward, elementary; informal easy as pie, a piece of cake, child’s play, kids’ stuff, a cinch, no sweat, a breeze, smooth sailing, duck soup, a snap. Except perhaps this first post on my business website. Which wasn’t that hard; with the help of the dictionary. Hopefully it will be an easy upload?

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    1. Hey thanks I hope you were able to click through our work and see some samples and click the samples, the booklets show more pages? I have much more work I need to show. Just wanted to get something published. Thanks again.

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