It doesn’t hurt to ask…or does it?

A photo by Greg Rakozy.

We’ve all heard the saying It doesn’t hurt to ask. Why not believe it? What’s the worse that could happen? The obligatory no, or maybe a hateful NO? If you can deal with a little scolding what’s the harm? You took the chance; possibly stepped out of your comfort zone. But I’m beginning to wonder after asking a client if he had anymore in the budget on a rather complex event logo I was designing. All their other event logos used very simple graphic elements. A guitar for Memphis, Tennessee; a silhouette of the Alamo for San Antonio, Texas; and Palm Trees for Tampa, Florida. My assignment was for Savannah, Georgia. Not exactly one easy identifier. I did some rough sketches incorporating a Riverboat, The Forsyth Park Fountain, Jazz Musicians, Spanish Moss, a Heron. The client choose a emblem containing The Forsyth Park Fountain, a Riverboat and the Jazz Musicians. After putting in more hours than quoted on the sight unseen project, which was obtained through a freelance bidding site, I asked if there was any more money in the budget. I was informed “no there is no room in the budget.” Fine, I put in another batch of time, made changes, created a gray scale version and uploaded the image files. My escrow money was finally released along with a poor review on the freelance job site. It felt harsher than a NO. I put a great deal of time and effort into the piece for a small amount of money and the client needed to hurt my reputation to gain full satisfaction. So, I’m starting to believe, sometimes it does hurt to ask.

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