The Value of What You Know.

Painting in watercolorWhen asked to comment on an article, How I answered when my client asked “will you lower your rates for us over time?” ( My example isn’t about some of the heated discussion’s I’ve had about charging more when the scope changes on a graphic design project or how I mark-up printing. But rather an incident with my VW Beetle. Envision this, a young woman away at college, living in a rented room 2 blocks from campus. I’m trying to start up my bug to no avail. Sounds like the battery to me so I raise the back seat to stare at the battery, hoping that will solve the problem. But guess what? There’s a service station two Bungalow’s down and across the street. I’m lucky enough to get a machanic to walk over and check it out. I try to start the car, same result, I walk around to see him touch a wire on the battery terminal. Boom it starts up. Fantastic what do I owe you, secretly hoping he says, for a struggling young college student it’s on me. Yeah, wishful thinking, he says, “twenty dollars.” What? That could be several meals or art supplies. My reply? “you touched a wire?” He rebuked, and I’ll never forget this unarguable line, “it’s not what you do it’s what you know.” So I was left to ask, “will you take a check?”

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